IMG_7843Since 1998, Fools! has been provided hilarious, quality entertainment to audiences throughout the DC area. We specialize in fundraisers and large group events, where we keep audiences engaged and laughing for show lengths ranging from 45 minutes to two full hours.

Our show is based on the classic Improv format – we present the audience with “challenges,” with a wide range of comedy options, and the audience provides us with “variables,” or things that set the stage for the scene. Then, we proceed to completely make it up! Challenges range from strong physical comedy moments to musical numbers, underwater interactions (there’s a scene where someone’s head is always submerged in a full bucket of water) and more. It’s zany, classic, unpredictable and always fun.


We believe that we provide the best entertainment value in the DC area. Come and see us for yourself!

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Making Stuff Up Since 1998