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Booking Information

Fools! works well with groups ranging from 50-1000 audience members. The show differs wildly based on the size of the group… the smaller the group size, the more likely we will be to pull up members from the audience and include them in the fun.

tjingWe offer two distinct show lengths… a 45-minute program, and a full-length, two hour program. We can customize our show length for your venue, just let us know what you need.

In addition, since we’re master improvisers, we’re very comfortable and excellent at customizing everything about our show’s content to fit the needs of your audience. No matter what your market, vertical, structure or industry, we’ll research and inform ourselves ahead of time so that your audience will feel like we understand them, their needs, and their goals. Although many of our clients are religious groups and fundraising events, we often perform secular shows that comfortably accommodate any audience background.

Improv_show100_20From a technical standpoint, we have very few requirements. Ideally, all performers (5-7 in a given show) would be provided individual, wireless lavaliere microphones by your tech folks. Barring that, good stage mic work is essential. We play an intro video before we perform and have a powerpoint-style presentation that guides us along. These are not required for the show but enhance the overall audience experience. From a stage standpoint, an elevated stage is always better, with a space of at least 10×12′. Seven chairs are needed, and we request that the venue provides several bottles of water for each performer. What a bunch of divas, right?

Finally, several of our scenes involve water, shaving cream, and other non-toxic substances. These do NOT get on the audience. We make every effort to keep the stage and venue clean but be advised that small, easily cleaned messes are possible.

001We can provide any number of publicity photos, videos, etc. to assist in the promotion of your event.

We are a premiere performance group and offer a high end show for a reasonable price. We will work with your budget to ensure that your event is a huge success!

For bookings: email or call 703.474.7946.